About Paul Calvano

Hi! I’m Paul Calvano. I work as a Web Performance Architect at Akamai Technologies, where I help businesses improve the performance of their websites. I’ve actually been doing web performance work since 2000, which I guess makes me old :).

I’m also a co-maintainer of the HTTP Archive, a really cool open source project that has been tracking the evolution of the web since 2010! I had the privilege of writing 2 chapters of the 2019 Web Almanac (Caching and Compression) as well as contributing to the 2020 Web Almanac. I’m currently leading a team of data analysts working on the 2021 Web Almanac!

You can find me sharing web performance insights on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as the HTTP Archive via their blog and discussion forum. I’ve also attempted to mirror all of my posts on this website so that they are easily searchable.

When I’m not being nerd sniped with really interesting web performance problems, I’m usually having fun with my 4 awesome kids, cycling, and baking. I also love to travel, when such things are allowed…

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