Exploring Relationships Between Performance Metrics in HTTP Archive Data

I thought it would be interesting to explore how some of the page metrics we use to analyze web performance compare with each other. In the HTTP Archive “pages” table, metrics such as TTFB, renderStart, VisuallyComplete, onLoad and fullyLoaded are tracked. And recently some of the newer metrics such as Time to Interactive, First Meaningful Paint, First Contentful paint, etc exist in the HAR file tables.

Tracking Page Weight Over Time

As of July 2017, the “average” page weight is 3MB. @Tammy wrote an excellent blog post about HTTP Archive page stats and trends. Last year @igrigorik published an analysis on page weight using CDF plots. And of course, we can view the trends over time on the HTTP Archive trends page. Since this is all based on HTTP Archive data, I thought I’d start a thread here to continue the discussion on how to gauge the increase in page weight over time.

How Is Server-Timing used on the web?

I was curious to see where Server-Timing was implemented on the web, so I started searching the HTTP Archive for sites using it. Interestingly enough, there were no sites in the HTTP Archive that had Server-Timing response headers before 3/1/2017. Since then it’s usage has been gradually increasing each month. As of July 2017, there are 72 sites and 352 HTTP responses containing Server-Timing headers.


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